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There are currently 4 self-employed tattoo artists at Area 51 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, all of whom are highly skilled and have excellent portfolios. We don’t provide any pictures to choose from as the artists prefer to draw their own, unique work based on your specifications (custom tattooing). Therefore, we recommend that you bring some pictures in on your phone or dongle and speak to an artist to see what they can do.


Please take a moment to browse through the portfolios below. The best way to get in touch with an artist is to come in to the studio and speak to them face-to-face. You can also get in touch using the contact details provided. Each artist has their own style preference so if you are unsuccessful with one, please do try another.



16819226_1437318559674297_6672378046941816885_o Alice Patten Tattooist

Alice Patten

Alice has been tattooing for 5 years. She completed her apprenticeship in Reading and has been working at our studio ever since. Alice is great at all styles, but is best-known for her soft greyshade and neo-traditional tattoo work.

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Kev Dunne

Kev has been tattooing for 11 years. He completed his apprenticeship at Area 51 before going on to gain extensive experience at studios in New Zealand and Salisbury. He is now back at Area 51 and specialises in Japanese and old school work.

Portfolio Facebook Kev Dunne at Area 51 Tattoos (11)

Manik 23

Manik has been tattooing for 15 years. He is self-taught and has worked in many studios around the country. His preferred styles are Geometric, Dotwork, Mandala and Tribal/Polynesian.

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Duncan Stone

Duncan has been tattooing for 15 years. He is self-taught and can turn his hand to most styles, but primarily does most of the smaller walk-in pieces. He doesn’t take bookings, but will accept small jobs as they come through the door. For walk-ins, please text on 07487 686658.

Duncan stone at Area51 Email Me Portfolio Facebook Gary Mossman

Gary Mossman

Gary has been at Area 51 for 4 years and in that time has developed his own style of tattooing. Gary designs and tattoos one-off pieces based on the customer’s own ideas, and will aim to finish a piece same day. He doesn’t do cover-up work. For bookings and enquiries, please use the contact form on Gary’s website (link below).

Garys Website Portfolio Facebook Instagram logo Alice Patten Tattoos (20) Gary Mossman (19)

1. It is illegal for us to knowingly tattoo anyone under 18 years old.


2. ID will be required where age is questionable; therefore, please bring photo ID with you on the day to avoid disappointment.


3. Whilst children are more than welcome in our studio, we would ask that parents please respect the need for quiet and concentration. Under 18s will not be permitted in the tattooing rooms.


4. All tattooists at Area 51 are self-employed freelance artists on a “room rental basis” and are solely responsible for their own affairs, including their customers, bookings and finances.


5. We only accept cash payment for tattoos.


6. Please agree a firm price for your tattoo before work starts, as prices can vary or change once the artwork has been finalised. Hourly rates may also include: time spent drawing, drawing on skin prior to tattooing and preparation time before tattooing.


7. An artwork charge may apply if custom artwork is being prepared outside normal studio hours. Please ask as prices will vary for this service.


8. Please appreciate that we are also human and will sometimes be off ill or have to reschedule a booking for personal reasons. If this should happen, your deposit will not be refunded but will be kept on file for any future booking.


9. There are several areas of the body that do not tattoo very well such as feet, hands, neck and joint areas. These areas may require several sittings and there will be a charge for any re-colouring on these areas. Please ask for advice on this to avoid disappointment.