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Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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If you are thinking about having a tattoo removed, pop in and we can explain the process in detail, answer any questions you may have and possibly perform a small patch test. We can asses the patch test after 2 days and then, if everything is okay, laser the whole area.


Our laser machine will only remove black ink. Removing a tattoo completely can require 10-30 treatments, depending on how deep the tattoo is in the skin and how dark the ink is.


We can also lighten a tattoo, which can sometimes take just 2-4 treatments. This will remove 60-70% of the ink, which is usually enough for it to be covered by a new tattoo.


Treatments are every 6 weeks so the skin has a chance to heal. We currently work on a walk-in basis and do not take bookings. Please contact the studio to check availability.


The pain is worse than having a tattoo, but the process is much quicker. For instance, a small tattoo will take maybe 20-30 seconds to laser. Ask your pharmacist about “Emla” topical anaesthetic cream, which can help with any pain issues.



Laser tattoo removal


 Size(inches)      Price Per Treatment       Price 3 Treatments


  Patch test                  £25 (fully refundable after 1st sitting)


     1 x 1                        £40                              £100


     2 x 2                        £50                              £125


     3 x 3                        £60                              £150


     4 x 4                        £70                              £170  


     5 x 5                        £80                              £200


     6 x 6                        £90                              £230


  For tattoos bigger than 6 x 6 please ask

Prices are just a guide. We will assess each tattoo when we perform a patch test. Prices are for block colour and adjustments will be made for tattoos with skin in between where it is difficult to measure.

Laser Price Guide