Area 51

Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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Area 51 is a tattoo and piercing studio where collectors and lovers of ink, piercings and quality artwork are welcome every day. Our main goal is to create custom/high-quality tattoos and piercings in a chilled out studio where each artist can express their skills to the optimum level.


We can also lighten tattoos with laser treatment for effective cover-up work and we have a permanent make-up artist available.


The team of professional artists is ready to offer you a custom, creative and unique piece of art in a relaxed and respectful environment. They exercise the highest hygienic standards needed during the whole tattoo process to give the customer peace of mind that they are being very well looked after.


We create bespoke tattoos of all styles including realism, black and grey tattoos, colour tattoos, old school and new school, dotwork and geometric.


Daith Piercing £12 - £18

We have recently been piercing more and more daiths for headache and migraine relief. We can pierce with gold, silver or blackline titanium rings.

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Careys Barbers and Hairdressers is next door to us and as of 2nd April we will be running both Careys and Area 51. We are looking forward to the new venture and hope to retain Careys’ traditional feel, but guide it through the next few years with a modern approach.

We have a new range of body jewellery now in stock. We are always looking out for new and exciting styles and are constantly updating our body jewellery range.


Small walk-in tattoos are available. Please text Duncan on 07487 686658 with your ideas and pictures. This is only for small tattoos that take less than 30 mins and is subject to availability on the day.

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