Area 51

Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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With over 18 years’ in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing the latest techniques in body piercing. We are at the forefront of modern sterilization and sanitation protocols and our body piercing studio provides a clean, safe and friendly environment, which complies with Basingstoke and Deane’s health and safety guidelines. Our staff are fully trained in multiple techniques and complex piercings and will provide expert advice on all aspects of body piercing, body jewellery and aftercare.

Body Piercing

 Jewellery changing service

Just come in and buy a piece of jewellery, and we will advise you on sizing and fit it for you . All of our jewellery is the best quality and is mostly hospital-grade titanium or surgical steel. It is always nickel-free.

We charge Just £1 per item to fit your new jewellery.

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Microdermal / Dermal Anker


Standard Ear Piercing

The minimum age for ear piercing is 10 years old. We don’t use guns! We find needle piercing  more accurate, less painful, heals quicker and is far more hygienic than gun piercing.

Microdermals can be placed more or less anywhere on the body. They make a great alternative to surface skin piercing.

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Body Piercing at Area 51 is a "WALK IN SERVICE" Tuesday to Saturday. 10.15am - 4.45pm. The Piercers lunch break is 2pm-2.30pm 

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Kristy (Regina Ignis) Body Piercer

Kristy has over 8 years experience in piercing and 15 years experience in healthcare and medicine behind her. She is very knowlegable in wound care management and has a background in biomedical science.

She has now joined the the team at Area 51 as thier full-time piercer.

She looks forward to working on piercing projects or little additions and will help to guide you through the whole piercing and healing phase.

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