Area 51

Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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At Area 51 we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We are parents ourselves and understand the boundaries that need to be set for our children and young adults. Although there is no legal age for body piercing, Area 51 operates within the guidelines set out below:

Body Piercing Shop Rules

Piercing Age policy

10 -14 years 

The minimum age for piercing ear lobes is 10 years and for the top ear it is 13 years. We do not use guns, only needles. Needle piercing is far better for your ears than using a gun. We can use different length studs depending on the thickness of the lobe. This allows us to leave foom for the piercing to swell unlike gun piercing which is "one size for all". Needle piercing is also less painfull and there is much less trauma to the ear.


Under 16 years

Any piercing; except tongue,  genital, microdermals and female nipple. For these piercings a parent must be present in the shop to sign the consent form (ID may be required from both the child and the parent to prove parental status).


Over 16 years  

Any piercing; except surface, genital, microdermals and female nipple. Photo ID will be required if you look under 25.


Over 18 years

Any piercing. However, photo ID will be required if you look under 25.

Identification Requirements

If you are lucky enough to look under the age of 25, you may be asked for ID. Please bring original ID as copies or photographs of the original will not be accepted.


We accept the following:   


A Parent (a parent can come in if you dont have ID with you)




Citizen card  


Validate card


College Card (must have a photo and date of birth on it )


Driving licence


NUS card


Any "official card" with a recent photo and date of birth

For 10-16 year olds we will need a parent to come in and sign the consent form. We will not accept any other family member, a letter or a phone call. You are not required to come in to the piercing room with them, but you can if you wish; you can just come in to sign the form and then leave again. We may ask for ID from both the parent and child to prove parental status.

Notice for Parents

We only accept original ID no photos or photo copies